Custom website development & application development – The perfect fit

Large-scale corporate web application or minor website upgrade, there’s one thing you need to have before you commit: Confidence. Confidence that you won’t exceed your development budget. That your project will be complete on time. That development won’t distract you from your day-to-day responsibilities. And that your brief will be met – in full.

We’ve been doing custom development since 2001. Successfully. (Take a look at some of our client testimonials – that’s how we measure success.)

5 reasons why our web developers are successful:

  1. We build what you need – If you need something large, modular or multi-tiered, like a CMS, a newsletter management system or a customer relationship management system (CRM), we’d use an OOP style of development. If on the other hand, you need something a little simpler, like a standard contact or login form, we’d use Procedural style of development. We fit the solution to the requirements (not the other way around).
  2. We’re organised – Our processes are designed to move the project forward – not stall it. We turn requirements into tasks. We divide features into milestones. We document requirement changes and bugs. And we keep you abreast of status through our online Project Tracking sub-site..
  3. We test. Thoroughly – We don’t leave it up to you to find our mistakes. We only submit your project for approval when we’re confident it’s ready.
  4. We flag all costs BEFORE developing – So you get no nasty hidden surprises.
  5. We make things right – We’re not perfect; occasionally we make mistakes. But when we do, we pull out all stops to rectify the situation.

Call us in Sydney Australia on +61 2 9648 3777 or email us to discuss your website design and development project.

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