The Business Website package – Manageable, scalable, effective

Your business website needs to be more than merely attractive and affordable. It needs to be manageable. And scalable. And portable. And, of course, it needs to do the job.

When you invest in a DevProducts business website, you get the whole package. A professional custom design (NOT a common template) that meets your business needs, appeals to your audience and turns visitors into customers. A system that you can maintain and grow, yourself, without any technical expertise. One that’s search engine friendly, so it won’t stand in the way of a high search engine ranking, and standards-compliant, so it’ll display correctly no matter what web browser your visitors use.

All DevProducts Business Website packages include:

  • Domain Name Registration.
  • Website and Email hosting on our low traffic, client exclusive production Server.
  • A professional custom web design, tailored to your brand and existing corporate identity.
  • Valid, Standards Compliant HTML, thoroughly tested on all popular browsers.
  • Advice based on the goals of your business website.
  • A fully set up and integrated Google Analytics account (or integration only if you already use Google Analytics).

Optional Website Components

  • Content Management System (CMS), so you can add, edit and delete pages, menus and menu items, without any technical expertise.
  • e-Newsletter Management System * (including design and development of a newsletter template consistent with your site design).

* - Requires Content Management System.

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