The DevProducts team

Because we’re selective in taking on new clients, we have the luxury of being able to remain relatively small. This means our executive team still plays a critical role in everything we do. Cast your eye over their bios, and you’ll see why we feel this is so important.

Colin Mead – CEO

Colin is our business compass. And with 27 years of hands-on experience leading companies, including TechBuy and MicroTech, he does a very good job of it.


  • 1982 – 1996: Managing Director of an IT Company
  • 1996 – CURRENT: Managing Director of MicroTech Corporation
  • 1997 – CURRENT: CEO of MCM Communications Pty Ltd
  • 2001 – CURRENT: Managing Director of TechBuy Pty Ltd

(Colin’s favourite hobbies are chess and real time strategy games, like Starcraft. So at least you know that if you ever have to call on him to defend your base when it’s under attack from legions of enemy forces, you’ll be in good hands!)

Michelle Lau – CFO

Affectionately known as ‘the quiet one’, Michelle believes in letting her spreadsheets do the talking. She holds the purse strings and guides us in all matters financial.


  • 1997 – CURRENT: CFO of MCM Communications Pty Ltd
  • 2001 – CURRENT: Financial Director of TechBuy Pty Ltd

(Like Colin, Michelle’s something of a strategy gamer. In fact, rumour has it that the virtual world is where we’re most likely to hear her engage in a bit of healthy – and exceedingly ‘un-financial’ – trashtalk. Did I hear “…nuclear launch detected!”?)

Neil Schroder – Technical Lead

As is the fate of every talented senior developer, Neil wears many hats. He meticulously plans and implements our long and short term goals, he gets his hands dirty on all of our development projects, he’s our Web Development expert and he’s our project manager.


  • 2001 – CURRENT: Senior Application Developer Techbuy Pty Ltd
  • 2010 – CURRENT: Technical Lead at DevProducts Pty Ltd

(A strategy gamer like his colleagues (are you detecting a theme here?), Neil is also an avid reader, a merciless chess player and a terrible basketballer.)

Karl Kaczmarczyk – Senior Web Designer

The heart and soul of every DevProducts web design, Karl is our lead designer, concepts man and resident SEO specialist.


  • Associate Diploma in Graphic Design and Photography, 1994 – 1996, University of Western Sydney, Nepean


  • 1994 – CURRENT: Graphic Designer
  • 1997 – CURRENT: Website designer
  • 2001 – 2004: Pre-press manager
  • 2003 – CURRENT: interactive media designer (Video editing, Flash)

(A militant non-geek, Karl prefers basketball to gaming, but has been known to don the poker cap for some No Limit Texas Hold ‘em with Neil…)

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