Our expertise – Web design & development, custom web applications, content management systems (CMS)

For better or worse, we’re the kind of people who define ourselves by the work we do. As you might expect, we take this page very seriously.

So who are we? Well, obviously, we’re web designers and developers who specialise in custom web applications. But that’s pretty meaningless until you look at the nitty-gritty...

Web development expertise

  • PHP – We use Object Oriented PHP to develop websites and web applications that are modular (and therefore scalable) and involve little – if any – code duplication (and can therefore be modified quickly without system-wide impact). Of course, we can also develop procedural style scripts for smaller projects...
  • Content Management System (CMS) – Joomla’s our Content Management System (CMS) of choice. We do template design and production, component development, module development and plugin development.
  • X/HTML and CSS Programming - We use a combination X/HTML and CSS to craft bloat free X/HTML layouts. Layouts that are free of tables (so they load faster), search-engine friendly, compliant and cross-browser compatible. And because we’re CSS experts, we use clean, organised CSS, so our code is easy for other designers and developers to work with.
  • JavaScript – For some interfaces, JavaScript delivers the most professional and responsive user experience. We can develop virtually any JavaScript application, from a simple client-side drop-down box or image preview, to an AJAX-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) with the features, functionality and responsiveness of a traditional desktop application.
  • Database design & MySQL database development -  The database is the most important part of any application or dynamic website. (To us, the GUI is there to support the database – not the other way around.) So when we design your database, we do it based on a comprehensive understanding of your business processes and requirements, we design a normalised database, and we modify it iteratively as we progress.
  • Testing – Finding bugs is our job, not yours. So no project is submitted for your approval without first passing a battery of rigorous inhouse tests. Structured unit and functional testing is a fundamental part of our development process.

Web design expertise

  • Web design & layout – Aesthetically pleasing design that meets the browsing needs of your visitors and is outcome focussed.
  • CMS template design – If you’re using Drupal, Joomla or Alfresco, we can design a website template that’s 100% compatible with your CMS, and every bit as appealing as a standalone design.
  • Hi-end Photoshop manipulation – Elegant images and montages for use in website designs and corporate identity designs.
  • Flash websites – Creative Flash-based websites and User Interfaces that enhance the user experience.
  • Banner design - Eye catching, interactive and creative banners to engage prospects and enhance click-thru rates. (Flash, animated GIF or static JPEG.)
  • Corporate ID, logo & icon design – Strategic design that defines and conveys your company’s brand and ‘personality’.

Call us in Sydney on +61 2 9648 3777 or email us to discuss your website design and development project with a content management systems (CMS) expert.

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