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Like all solid companies, DevProducts didn’t just ‘happen’, it evolved. Two of our company’s foundation members, Ronald and Karl, had been freelancing together since 2001 - designing and developing websites for Australian agencies and direct to clients.

In 2005, Ronald became the inhouse developer for TechBuy, one of Australia’s leading online retailers of computer hardware and software. Karl continued freelancing, but with such a long and successful track record with Ronald, it was inevitable that the two would join forces again, sooner or later.

It happened sooner. In 2007, Ronald and TechBuy’s founders, Colin and Michelle, launched DevProducts, and Karl officially came on board as Senior Web Designer.

Since then we, at DevProducts, have enjoyed some very nice wins. Still working for a mix of agencies and direct clients, we’ve designed and developed a wide variety of web projects, and received more than our fair share of generous client testimonials , in return.

Ronald had departed in December 2010 to pursue other projects, but not without leaving a legacy of successful, mission critical web applications for clients which were seamlessly handed over to our new top man as of 2011, Neil Schroder. Neil continues to lead our growing Development Team and keep the tradition of providing stable solutions for DevProducts.

Neil continues to successfully drive DevProducts to win, after win, after win and we attribute it's success to our continued preference for long-term client relationships initiated by our previous lead.

We’re still quite selective when taking on new work, because we like to partner with clients who share our values and goals. We’d much rather do high quality ongoing work for a handful of repeat clients, than pepper our existence with one-off jobs for people we’ll never get to know.

Call us in Sydney Australia on +61 2 9648 3777 or email us to discuss your company’s website design and development project.

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